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Maximize Your Email Strategy

Join LISTSERV & LISTSERV Maestro Courses!

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Sharpen Up Your LISTSERV® Skills

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Discover the Benefits:

Configure email lists of all types

Manage discussion groups, communities, newsletters, and announcements

Design email templates with your own logos and branding

Create forums and blogs with private or public archives

Set up automated confirmation, welcome, and farewell messages

And much more...

Advance Your LISTSERV® Maestro Expertise

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Explore the Advantages:

Manage subscriber lists, profile fields, and target groups

Create user accounts and collaborate in a multi-user setting

Work with email content, templates, and landing pages

Measure, analyze, and optimize email performance

Work with A/B-split testing, automation, and drip campaigns

And much more...


Do you want to learn more about email marketing? L-Soft's digital online learning email communications course covers everything from email list building and targeting to message creation and analysis. You'll learn how to maximize your email outreach efforts and increase engagement and conversions.

Sign up now and start learning today!



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The LISTSERV AND LISTSERV Maestro free online email communication courses validates your competency, expertise, and operational knowledge as an email list specialist. Successfully completing this course demonstrates your proficiency in email list management and your ability to excel in key email specialist tasks. education, L-Soft's solutions are established, continuously evolving tools that have served educational, governmental, corporate, and non-profit customers worldwide for decades.

"LISTSERV Maestro's response tracking provides us with unique information. With the help of this information, we are able to analyze our campaigns and develop them further. We already see results in cost savings and an increased number of pre-registrations"

Kinna Jonsson, Project Manager, Stockholm International Fairs

While our courses are designed with L-Soft's customers in mind, we welcome participants of all skill levels. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that individuals with diverse backgrounds can reap the benefits of enhanced LISTSERV® email list management software for their organizations.

  • ​Participation is free of cost.

  • You can take the course(s) anytime.

  • You'll delve into knowledge in distinct modules.

  • Each week, you'll receive a short email with a link to a group of short tutorial videos on key tasks and topics.

  • You can complete each weekly segment in 15 -30 minutes or less.

  • After completing each of the five modules, you'll receive a module-specific certificate.

  • Upon completion of all modules, you'll receive diploma to share with your colleagues, post to your LinkedIn page and include on your résumé.

Firefly However, as her organization grows and diversifies, Sarah has recognized the need
Firefly This is where LISTSERV Maestro comes into play. It's specifically designed for mar
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Is the original email list management software, in constant development for 37 years and counting and here to help organizations like yours communicate with their audiences.

Known for its reliability, scalability and security and is the trusted choice of education, government, corporate and non-profit customers around the globe.

Connects people, communities, ideas, projects, and more to help people grow networks and relationships.



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1. Sarah, a diligent professional managing email communication for her organization, has been using LISTSERV for some time. LISTSERV has been an ideal choice, particularly for managing discussions and announcements. It's perfect for facilitating conversations and announcements within her team or with a specific group of subscribers. The platform's strength lies in its simplicity and effectiveness in managing mailing lists for such interactions.

Firefly However, as her organization grows and diversifies, Sarah has recognized the need
Firefly So, Sarah is now presented with a choice. It depends on her organization's specifi

Why LISTSERV Maestro?

A versatile enterprise platform for email marketing, engagement and outreach communications. It helps organizations like yours connect with with their audiences.

Known for its many key features and customizability. It's is designed to get the most out of LISTSERV software with the additional benefits of Maestro.

Helps organizations keep their teams, stakeholders and networks engaged, while boosting audience relationships and outreach campaigns.



Navigating Your Email Communication: LISTSERV® vs. LISTSERV® Maestro 

3. This is where LISTSERV Maestro comes into play. It's specifically designed for marketing campaigns, offering advanced tools for creating, managing, and tracking email marketing initiatives. LISTSERV Maestro empowers Sarah to segment her audience, personalize her messages, and conduct A/B testing to optimize her campaigns' effectiveness. With its features for email marketing automation and detailed analytics, LISTSERV Maestro aligns with Sarah's new goals for expanding her organization's reach and engagement.

4. So, Sarah is now presented with a choice. It depends on her organization's specific needs and goals for email communication. While LISTSERV is ideal for managing discussions and maintaining internal communications, LISTSERV Maestro provides the robust capabilities required for executing successful email marketing campaigns. The decision she makes will ultimately be tailored to meet her organization's unique communication objectives, ensuring that her email strategy aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of her organization.

2. However, as her organization grows and diversifies, Sarah has recognized the need for more than just discussions. She's beginning to appreciate the importance of email marketing and the power it holds for reaching out to a broader audience, conveying messages with precision, and measuring the impact of her campaigns.

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