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About Email Lists

Email list communication has become a part of daily life for many people. Whether receiving updates about a favorite product, reading an online newsletter or discussing new approaches to managing a health challenge, individuals, businesses and organizations communicate through email lists every day.

The benefit of email lists is that they can quickly and effectively distribute messages to a large number of people who have explicitly requested to receive the information, known as subscribers. The terms opt-in or permission-based email lists are used to refer to this type of communication.

Announcement Lists:


Email List Manager

Opt-in Subscribers

Discussion Lists:

List Owner

Email List Manager

Discussion List

In broad terms, there are two types of email lists: announcement lists and discussion lists. The main difference is that only the list owner or editor can send messages through an announcement list, while discussion lists are interactive, allowing any list member to post messages for distribution to the entire list, with or without moderation. Announcement lists are often used for email newsletters, special offers and other alerts, while discussion lists are used to create virtual communities where groups of people can come together to discuss various topics. Email lists are also an essential part of commercial opt-in email marketing.

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