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The Code of Email Marketing

At the heart of email marketing is the sender-subscriber relationship, built on sending email that your recipients want, expect and find valuable.


Here are some simple yet important best practices to keep your subscriber relationships strong from the start.

Our best practices to you in one minute video below:

The Code of Email Marketing
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Email Marketing: 12 To-Dos to Boost Results
and Build Relationships

When you do email marketing the right way, you’ll get better results and more active subscribers.  Here are some easy but important tips:

Be clear about your email list or email marketing campaign’s purpose and guidelines from the start.


Create customized HTML message templates for to promote your brand consistently and save time with each mailing.



Optimize your messages for mobile devices, so your subscribers can see your content from wherever they may be.

Keep permission and privacy in focus, always.  Never spam. Use double (also known as confirmed) opt-in to get people’s explicit and specific prior consent to receive your email messages.  Respect the privacy of your subscribers’ data.


Be sure your "From" line clearly states who you and your organization are.


Use subject lines that are short and succinct and that let subscribers know how they’ll benefit from opening the message.


Give your subscribers the relevant, wanted content they deserve.


Customize and personalize, so your email messages stand out. Test and refine messages based on the preferences and interests of each subscriber for stronger engagement.

Use tracking and reporting to analyze your email campaigns and leverage data to adjust your campaigns for better results.  Assess open-ups, clicks, content choices and more over time to better target each subscriber.



Test to be sure your one-click unsubscribe is easy to find, in every message, and that it works.


Encourage feedback. People who unsubscribe can help you understand areas for further development and improvement.


Email is the top online activity, the preferred channel for marketing messages and the most effective tool for acquiring customers and selling your products and services. Use best practices, remember there’s a person behind every in-box you send to, and go for it!


Glossary of Email Terms

Find definitions to common email list management, email marketing and other industry terminology.

Glossary and checklist

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