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Be Prepared and Proactive with LISTSERV®

Keep Your Organization Connected and Audiences Informed

Communication plays a key role of keeping your stakeholders in the know with rapidly evolving situations such as Coronovirus, COVID-19, may cause. People might be held in quarantine, collaborate remotely or need continuous support and advice. Having digital communication capacity and dedicated channels established is part of preparedness and prevention. It enables focus on the communication needs and actions.


Covid 19

We are happy to help you to set up dedicated email channels for preparedness communication or creation of email groups. Email groups are easy to join, email updates and blog pages easy to follow. Contact us for advice for setting up your LISTSERV® communications today. Both on-prem license and cloud options are available. L-Soft also offers custom technical support for your LISTSERV context.


Key Advantages of Advantages of LISTSERV®


Set up your LISTSERV lists quickly and easily using the web interface


Manage announcements, newsletters and briefings as well as email groups, blogs and communities on a single LISTSERV site 


Connect with your ODBC-compliant databases and LDAP servers


Make it Easy for Your Communicators and Audiences


Create dedicated online spaces with searchable archives that can be open for public viewing or accessible to group members only


Provide easy subscribing and unsubscribing for group members through the self-service subscription portal


Share your responsive HTML message templates with your list owners and other communicators for consistent branding in your communications

Did You Know That Free LISTSERV Tutorials Are Available?

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