By Kathleen Pelosi
Manager, Business Communications, L-Soft

Lsoft.com/go can serve as a learning tool for your colleagues who are new to LISTSERV or LISTSERV +Maestro. Two pages, titled LISTSERV101 and Maestro101, offer a step-by-step explanation of how each software option works on an introductory level.

Next, our current LISTSERV clients may find our industry pages to be especially useful, highlighting the key uses and features of LISTSERV in our top five customer industries. From business, healthcare, government, education and non-governmental organizations, there is inspiration on every corner. Who knows, you just might get an idea for how to use email communications in a new way at your own organization. 

Looking to upgrade your service to include our marketing add-on, LISTSERV +Maestro? This site can provide you with an in-depth introduction to the product including screenshots from the web interface. Learn more about +Maestro here.

The website is now live! Check it out and share with your colleagues and peers who may be in need of some LISTSERV inspiration or learning.

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