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Connecting people like you for discussion, collaboration and knowledge exchange is the heart of LISTSERV. In non-stop use and development for more than three decades and counting, LISTSERV email list solutions are here for you. From rare disease support groups to research forums, U.S. Senate communications and anything in between, we’ve got you.

"I had no idea in 1986 that LISTSERV would end up playing such an important role in people's lives, in some cases even saving lives.”

Eric Thomas, LISTSERV Inventor and L-Soft founder and CEO

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The One and Only LISTSERV®:
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Did you know that whenever you see the word “LISTSERV” that it’s a trademark for the original automated email list manager?  Eric Thomas invented the software in 1986 and registered LISTSERV® as a trademark in 1996. Thank you for helping us preserve the value and integrity of our trademark.

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