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How to plan your product launch communications strategy

The hard part is over. You've spent months or even years developing your product and you're ready to show it off to the world. But as the business-minded individual you are, you know that you're now facing another beast: the product launch. Doing this the right way can vary for each type of company but there are some clear steps to follow, starting with your communications.

Your product launch announcement should follow an intentional planning schedule and your communications outlets are of the utmost importance for this. Not only is there work to be done before your official announcement, but afterwards to ensure you take advantage of the momentum. Follow the tips below to make sure you capitalize on this opportunity.

Plan in advance.

Once your product is nearing completion, there are certain things to add to your to-do list. If you don't want to give away the surprise just yet, you should still focus on your online community: especially email.

You have a website and social media pages. Use these to your advantage by asking that your followers sign up for your personalized emails. Announcing your product launch depends heavily on being able to communicate clearly with your community, and email can be the key to ensuring your stakeholders get this notification.

While you'll certainly be announcing your product launch on your social media pages, we know that your email list subscribers are more likely to view your announcement than your social media followers as your posts can sometimes get lost in the algorithm. Market your email list as a "VIP" experience for subscribers to be the first to receive exclusive sales, resources, and get early access to your new products. Email list management programs such as LISTSERV can help save your team a lot of time in this department by streamlining your communications process. Nurture this relationship with your email subscribers by using email analytics tools to ensure you are sending emails your subscribers are truly interested in. This way, you can design a product launch email that will reach the most engaged subscribers as possible.

Be intentional with your communications.

Your product launch is one of the biggest things that can happen for your company. To capture the buzz that you deserve, you must create an intentional communications strategy. Once your company has decided upon a release date, begin advertising your new product to create anticipation. If your company is well-known enough that the media is interested in your news, ensure you take advantage of this as another way for people to learn about your company. Tell your story and share the inspiration behind your ideas. How will your product solve someone's problem?

Have an exceptional product launch email.

This email will be the most important official communication from your company about the launch. Your VIP email subscribers will be the first to get your message.

Here are some important things to consider:

  • Subject line. This is what your subscribers see before they even open your email. It is okay to just come out and say it right in your subject line that your product is now available.

  • What? Cut the fluff and get straight to the point at the beginning of the email. Announce that your product is now available and be clear.

  • When, where, and how? This might sound obvious, but you need to include specific instructions about when, where, and how to purchase your product. If you are teaming up with other outlets, make sure to let your subscribers know all of their purchase options.

  • Visuals. Design a visually appealing email with images or a video of the product. Make sure your visuals are professional and show off your product's best features.

  • Call to action. Include interactive links and buttons within your email for your subscribers to take action. Use action phrases such as "Shop Our Site," "Try it Today," or "Shop Now."

Continue your efforts after the launch.

Your product launch doesn't stop after you make the announcement. Now is the time to take action and promote your sales. Take advantage of the deeper connections you've made with your VIP email subscribers and offer them exclusive discounts or a free gift with purchase and make sure to ask them to leave a review once their item has delivered. If your company uses targeted advertising, make sure to send follow up emails to anyone who abandoned their cart or viewed the item. Email marketing tool such as LISTSERV +Maestro can work to automate your follow-up process for you.

Finally, don't stop connecting on a personal level after your product launch has died down. Continue to foster your relationships and keep your stakeholders excited for what is next to come. Listen to reviews and make your next product even better than the one you just released.

The last step in your product launch process is to sit back and congratulate yourself and your team on the hard work you have all carried out. Enjoy this new chapter for your company and don't forget to continue with your email communications.

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