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Issue 3, 2023

Permission Email Is Going Strong at 30, Thanks to the Double Opt-In Invention in LISTSERV®

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft

The Revolutionary Technology Is as Important as Ever for Trusted Email Communications

Did you know that double opt-in, aka confirmed opt in, launched permission email as we know and use it today? This novel innovation, requiring people to actively sign up to an email list and then to explicitly confirm their subscription, was first released in the March 1993 version of the LISTSERV email list management software, invented by Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO.

The double opt-in function continues to bolster consent and safeguard email list subscribers worldwide.


Why is LISTSERV Still a Go-To for Communication and Collaboration? See Six Key Reasons

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft

When it comes to IT applications, it’s rare to see one that’s been around for almost 40 years. The reason for the longevity is, in some ways, both simple and complex – a confluence of logos, pathos and ethos.

Here are six key reasons why people in all types of organizations keep on turning to LISTSERV technology, whether they choose licensed software on-premises or a hosted cloud service:


Bringing People Together

Email lists as we know them today began when Eric Thomas invented LISTSERV software in 1986, which automated cumbersome manual list management. It also led to the world’s first email groups, securing and ensuring a space for thriving discussions and knowledge exchange.

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 How can I move my newsletters from LISTSERV to LISTSERV Maestro to get added capabilities?


By Jani Kumpula
Senior Webmaster/User Interface Designer, L-Soft

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EMAIL How-to Tip


How can I synchronize a job delivery with subscribers imported from my external database?

By Robert Graf-Waczenski
Senior Applications Programmer, L-Soft

The new ability of LISTSERV Maestro 11.0 to attach the delivery of a mail job directly to running a subscriber data import makes many use cases possible that have been difficult to implement with earlier versions of the software. This tip describes how to use this option and to benefit most from it.

Higher Ed Communicators 309.jpg

A+ Tools, Tips + Tech for Higher Ed Communicators (.edu segment)

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft

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