LISTSERV Licenses for Important Email Services

Production and Test Environments

LISTSERV test licenses are desired by IT managers to keep important communication services in top shape. Some IT professionals are required by policy to purchase the same license for test and production. L-Soft has now made specific test server licenses available to meet the needs of running email communication services at professional IT environments. A test license is enough if policies allow the use of admin desktop.


The test licenses are completely identical to production ones but can only be used for traffic to test addresses, and never for production traffic. There is no restriction on what can be stored on them, only on outgoing traffic.

Common Testing Needs

Site and List Configurations

LISTSERV is an enterprise level system to manage all types of email lists and their searchable online archives reliably; private or public, one-way or two-way, moderated or unmoderated, database and LDAP query connected lists. Thus, LISTSERV is designed for custom configurations on the site and individual email list level to meet an organization’s and its userbase’s exact needs, even most advanced ones. To build on LISTSERV flexibility and versality of use cases safely, a test server is a helpful resource.

Web Interface Customizations

Larger LISTSERV sites almost always have web interface customizations to comply with their internal policies, and in these IT environments a test server is highly recommended. This is especially true when upgrading to LISTSERV 17.0 with its new developments for seamless email and web communications.


To match today’s mobile needs, the LISTSERV® 17.0 web interface is fully responsive with high customization flexibility both on the entire LISTSERV site and on the individual LISTSERV email list level. This opens new opportunities to enhance the LISTSERV user experience to the fullest to benefit every user level: Site admin, list owner, moderator, editor and list subscriber.

Email Communication as Important Services

To many organizations email list communication capacity is a core function to keep its stakeholders connected with information, updates and knowledge and the email operations play an important role in achieving this. This is where enterprise-level system as LISTSERV helps to build, manage and coordinate the communications. A test server makes the work of the IT team more flexible to keep the systems running as planned, designed and desired.

To get a LISTSERV test license, contact Sales today.

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