Meet Your Support Team: Justin

On any weekday, you can find Justin in our US headquarters office in Bethesda, Maryland, helping customers via email or phone to help keep their LISTSERV® and LISTSERV® Maestro communications running smoothly. Justin has more 15 years of experience working in customer service roles and has been with L-Soft since 2018. Although admittedly a bit cliché, Justin loves to know that his direct support helped a client resolve any problems they were having.


While L-Soft has multiple support engineers who work as a team and aren’t assigned exclusively to an individual client, Justin has found himself helping the same customers more than once and takes pride in the friendly, professional relationships that been able to develop. Now, whenever those clients need support, they know Justin is going to be familiar with their operations and help them accordingly.


When out of the office, Justin is a regular attendee of Maryland’s Renaissance Festival. He enjoys smoking meats like brisket and pork shoulder and even grows his own vegetables in his backyard garden to compliment his home-cooked meals.

By Kathleen Pelosi
Manager, Business Communications, L-Soft


"I love to know that my direct support is what helped a client to solve their technical issue."