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Email Design In Mind...

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Build trustworthiness by brand recognition and consistency.

Email is still one of today's most effective marketing channel in the world because you're communicating directly to your audience who wants to hear from you! This opens up to endless possibilities and strengthen long term relationships but also to learn what they like about your product and services. But how do you stand out in your client inbox except relevant and intriguing subject lines to catch their attention?

Here are 8 quick email design tips as a good start:


Identify Your Brand Recognition

Tailor your brand guidelines and your graphic profile such as logo, fonts and colors so your audience can quickly identify the sender.

With all of that in mind, before you even start designing, ask yourself:

Who, What and Why?

Creative Thoughts

Who will you send your email design to? 

What will it be about?

Why should your audience CTA?

Be sure to choose a trusted automation platform. LISTSERV Maestro is the ultimate email marketing solution software designed for maximum flexibility.
Here you will find helpful video tutorials about engaging your audiences with the LISTSERV Maestro email marketing platform. The goal of these tutorials is to help you get better at managing email marketing campaigns and to avoid common mistakes.

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