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LISTSERV Implementation 

Many organizations desire assistance with their LISTSERV implementation. L-Soft's experienced email engineers are available to help you. Following are some examples of what we do:


LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro Installations and Version Upgrades



On-Premises LISTSERV Installation → LISTSERV as a Hosted Service (ListPlex)

ListPlex Cloud Service → On-Premises LISTSERV Installation

Platform Conversion (Linux ← → Windows)

Integration with Supported Directory and Database Services


Process Automation: List Creation, Deletion and Reporting


For simple migrations and installations, we recommend leveraging L-Soft Technical Support to answer your questions. This service is free with your paid maintenance agreement.

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Training and Consulting Guide

The Training and Consulting Guide is available to download in HTML format. If you have any questions, or to request further information about consulting services, please contact us.


L-Soft Consulting:

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Advanced Professional Services

L-Soft offers a range of consulting services, providing your organization with access to our product expertise throughout the implementation cycle.

L-Soft's consultants can help integrate our products and services with other systems to fully integrate LISTSERV with the rest of your IT roadmap. Through needs assessment, system analysis, project planning, implementation assistance, testing and issue analysis,
L-Soft's consultants will guide you toward meeting your
objectives and making the most of your investment in LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro.

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