Happy Anniversary!

Over three decades of

email groups and

still rocking!

Check out this list of 35 things you can do with LISTSERV!

  1. Bring people together around a common interest or need

  2. Create and send eye-catching, relevant newsletters of any kind to subscribers

  3. Send critical alerts in times of emergency

  4. Ensure your email list messages meet GDPR and other requirements

  5. Build your brand and engage your customers with relevant messages

  6. Provide support to parents of children with special needs

  7. Form a network for school librarians to share best practices

  8. Mobilize a grassroots activist movement to protect health and the environment from offshore gas harvesting

  9. Connect a worldwide group of dog breed owners to share tips and support

  10. Get the peace of mind of the highest level of security for your email lists

  11. Find a goldmine of information in the list archives

  12. Connect research administration professionals with must-have information for their daily work

  13. Foster a sense of community

  14. Offer a safe space for people with eating disorders to connect and begin their recovery journeys

  15. Find homes for dogs in need of them

  16. Connect researchers around the world with information and collaboration opportunities

  17. Track subscriber activity for a better understanding and results

  18. Enjoy conversations about a favorite model of car

  19. Know you’re using the most popular and effective platform to connect: email

  20. Send important updates to students in a class, a specific major, or an entire college campus

  21. Reach out to university alumni about fundraising

  22. Publicize special events to subscribers

  23. Provide a user forum for a software product

  24. Keep a college campus informed with a colorful newsletter

  25. Alert parents and the community of school lockdowns

  26. Discuss any given topic with people who also enjoy it

  27. Choose from different levels of email tracking permission

  28. Offer both one-way and two-way communications

  29. Get the peace of mind of expert-level Support and Training and Consulting services

  30. Bring patients and caregivers together to share support and knowledge

  31. Easily switch between licensed software and cloud hosting, as your needs change

  32. Know you’re using the most proven and trusted email list management solution

  33. Be a part of a global community that began in 1986 and is still going strong!



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