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We wanted to share some key tips and resources to keep your teams collaborating remotely and your subscribers, stakeholders and partners informed and engaged. Please feel welcome to share this page with your colleagues and let us know of any additional information or materials that would be helpful to you. We’ve continued to provide our technical support services and operate as usual since the beginning and are here to support your communications throughout COVID-19 and beyond.


Check out the Learn LISTSERV Video Tutorials for Subscribers, List Owners and Site Administrators

Whether you’ve been working with LISTSERV for 30 years or three months or want quick, easy guides to bring new team members up to speed, there’s a video tutorial to help with just about every LISTSERV task—45, to be exact. The video tutorials are tailored to each role--list owners, site admins and subscribers—so pick your topic or need!

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TIP: For new LISTSERV® users, some starting suggestions include:


How to manage email lists using the LISTSERV web interface:

How to set up an announcement list in LISTSERV:

How to set up a discussion group in LISTSERV:


Create COVID-19 and Other Dedicated Channels with Super-lists and Sub-lists

TIP:  Be sure to share the LISTSERV list home page and searchable archives with your subscribers, preferably one URL. Make it easy for people to subscribe/unsubscribe with one link and reach list owners via the listname-REQUEST@LISTSERV.DOMAIN format.

More and more customers are now using the super-list and sub-list capability of LISTSERV to set up new channels to ensure no one misses critical information or support amid the COVID-19 emergency. This popular feature also make routine email list communications more efficient: You can reach specific groups under a functional umbrella individually as well as reach all groups at once. For instance, you can create a super-list to reach staff across all departments as well as multiple sub-lists, each for a specific department. No matter where you and your subscribers are, you can be confident that your can be configured to not share others’ email addresses.

See how-to video tutorial:

See how-to guide:



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