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You are warmly welcomed to share your LISTSERV® and email experiences, stories and memories as the software turns 35 this year!

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What's your story?

Have LISTSERV discussion groups, newsletters or other lists helped you professionally or personally? Whether one sentence or a full story, we would love to showcase your insights, perspectives, fun snippets, team photos and more on the LISTSERV 35th Anniversary web page and in related communications.

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What some customer shared with us:.

"LISTSERV software helps my organization because it's stable, secure, familiar, and well-supported. The one piece of server software that I don't have to worry about."

- Adrianne Schutt


"The Research Administration LISTSERV list has been a valuable tool in my professional development and career...Couldn't get along without the LISTSERV list."

- Michael Wetherholt - Subscriber, RESADM-L


"NYCSLIST has been one of the best parts of my professional career. I think it's an amazing tool. It's not something that has been pushed aside by social media or any of the emerging technologies. Social media and newer emerging tech replacing LISTSERV?

I don't think so."

- Melissa Jacobs - List Owner, NYCSLIST

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