When Communications Cannot Fail

LISTSERV® Test Environment Handles Your Needs

Many LISTSERV sites fulfill critical organizational and public needs for highly reliable and efficient communications, for instance: 

  • Emergency alerts  

  • Severe weather warnings

  • Natural disaster preparedness notifications

  • School lockdown announcements

  • Law enforcement bulletins


Even when resources are compromised in urgent situations, a sound LISTSERV test environment helps you to proactively ensure that critical information will flow without disruption. This is the ultimate level of must-have information, the alerts that impacted audiences simply cannot miss.


Email is the one channel that can reach mass audiences in a targeted, organized and verifiable manner. Email lists meet the need for one-way, two-way, moderated and unmoderated communication is an easily manageable platform that many other channels cannot. Email is also the most widely used communication channel across all age demographics.


Essential email communications also include accurate the time-sensitive delivery of up-to-the-minute news and business developments and public service updates that people rely on daily for professional and personal purposes. Examples include:

  • Traffic alerts

  • Financial market updates

  • Network disruptions

  • Weather conditions

  • Government agency announcements

  • Service outages

  • Transit timetable changes

  • Breaking news headlines

  • Research findings



The LISTSERV test environment give you the opportunity to test and ensure all of your need-to-know communications will be delivered smoothly when it’s time for production. These updates for everyday routines at work and at home provide actionable updates for businesses and individuals.

Production and Test Environments

L-Soft provides test server licenses to meet the needs of running critical email communication services in professional IT environments. The test licenses are identical to production licenses but can only be used for traffic to test addresses, and never for production traffic. There is no restriction on what can be stored on them, only on outgoing traffic.

Common Testing Needs

Many larger sites deploy test environments with new LISTSERV versions, upgrades and patches as a standard routine. Server level administration tasks, such as site configuration changes, DB connectivity, AD configuration, API tasks benefit from a focused test environment.

New Versions and Configurations

Web Interface Customizations

Larger LISTSERV sites almost always have web interface customizations to comply with their internal policies. For these IT environments, a test server is highly recommended. The LISTSERV interface offers flexible customization opportunities for integrated email list, web and communications.


To meet the needs of growing mobile audiences, the LISTSERV web interface is fully responsive with high customization opportunities on the overall LISTSERV site and on the individual LISTSERV email list levels. This provides new opportunities to enhance the LISTSERV user experience to the fullest, benefiting every user level: Site admin, list owner, moderator, editor and list subscriber.

Email Communication as a Key Service

To start benefiting from a LISTSERV test license, contact L-Soft today.

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For many organizations, email list communication is a core function to keep their customers, members and audiences connected with knowledge, updates and discussions. As an enterprise system, LISTSERV helps create, manage and coordinate the communications as well as subscriber data. A test server makes it easier for IT staff to keep the systems running as smoothly and efficiently.

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