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LISTSERV is a reliable, flexible and secure solution, with more than 35 years of worldwide use by organizations of all types.

Save Money Long-Term:

Key LISTSERV Advantages

For organizations with existing IT resources to manage their hardware, licensing the software is cost-effective while you have full control on all aspects. You can create as many lists as you’d like and send  unlimited messages to your subscribers without any additional fees.

Get Maximum Flexibility:

Configure your LISTSERV site to meet your organization's exact needs. We offer a wide range of Windows- and Unix- based operating systems. L-Soft's technical support, training and consulting teams are here to help.

Keep Full Control:

Stay in complete control of your LISTSERV operations, including the operating system and software environment. This is a must for organizations with complex change management policies. LISTSERV provides wide configuration flexibility for any technical requirements you may have

Benefit from Smooth Database Integration:

Take advantage of integration of existing databases for dynamic and personalized mailings. You can also use LDAP servers for authenticating credentials and user logins for higher security.

Rest Assured with High Security:

In a high-security environment, keeping LISTSERV onsite, together with your existing databases, LDAP and Active Directory servers, makes it easier to ensure that your communication system and data are secure.


Email List Software Comparison: LISTSERV®, GNU Mailman, and Sympa

Considering LISTSERV® vs. Freeware
for Your Email Communications?

See How These Email List Management Solutions Stack Up and Find Your Best Fit

Planning to run your email lists on-premises? LISTSERV® provides options for any need and solid ROI value. Keep your audiences engaged with email groups, newsletters and more by using LISTSERV onsite.


"LISTSERV software helps my organization because it's stable, secure, familiar, and well-supported. The one piece of server software that I don't have to worry about."

- Adrianne Schutt


Co-workers in Modern Office

 LISTSERV®                       GNU Mailman                                Sympa

Email List Software Comparison:

EL Comparison:
GNU Mailman

See how these email list management solutions stack up! Try our LISTSERV Interactive Demo to experience the power and capabilities firsthand.


Key 3 considerations before choosing your solution:

   Organization size

   Onsite technical expertise and resources


A word about “freeware”…

Times have changed, drastically so, in recent years. Although budgets may be tighter and IT staff not as plentiful, it’s important to keep in mind that freeware is never free. While there are solutions that are touted to be “free”—primarily mainly GNU Mailman, and also Sympa, in fact using these solutions is more expensive than it used to be.  Computer costs are never zero.  User support costs are never zero.  Person-hours to manage and upgrade applications are certainly never zero.  

Simply put, LISTSERV has earned a strong reputation for its 35+ years of reliability, flexibility, quality and security. Get in touch to learn more and find your organization’s best fit.

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